In the context of the articulation between the Municipality of Arganil and the Embassy of England concerning the dissemination of relevant information on the various aspects of the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, below are some links provided by  the respective Embassy, with varied information:

UK nationals in the EU – essential information – General information about negotiations and the current  status of British citizens in the EU.

UK´s Exit from the EU – importante information for the UK nationals – More detailed information on the  various aspects of the exit of United Kingdom from the EU

Living in Portugal Guide – specific information for UK residents in Portugal. This document will be updated as soon as there is confirmation of new procedures by the Portuguese government.

Facebook –Brits in Portugal – Messages from the Ambassador, information on events, sharing relevant messages from the European Union, among other general information.

You are also informed of the creation of an online form for sending any questions that citizens may want to ask.

Information leaflets are available here, on citizens registration and residence in Portugal.

Information is also provided by the Embassy of England concerning statements by the Portuguese Government on the situation of Portuguese citizens living in the United Kingdom and Brits in Portugal after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in the event of an agreement or non-agreement. A link for more information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in English and Portuguese.

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